I m I
It didn't mean to you what it meant to me,
I am I,
Perhaps I'll get to understand one day
In need to be saved,
Not knowing how to say
What went wrong;
Perhaps I didn't know how to pray anymore,
Yet I pray so much more than before!
I pray and show,
I tell on you once more.
A naughty kid, not a whore...
Am I still begging for more?
Please, love me some more!
If I tried to be better
Would you care for my soul?
If I woke-up and fought
Dancing us out of this frightening night
Would you mind? Would you care?
Or would I...?
I must have hurt you horribly not to want to understand that it's over now, I will be fine, you be forgiven, live in peace and harmony.
Until I get to see her, you'll feel his whisper.

Much inspired from myself and my human faults but going very well with Megadeth's Poisonous Shadows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjZsXhv6pm8
I m I

I m I

This is a project about guilt and shame coming out from a dark mood in which one might feel the need to punish themselves a little... 'Just don't Read More


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