Top 10 ways to optimize blog post for SEO
Top 10 ways to optimize blog post for SEO tutorial and top tips

Optimize blog post by reading this post. Hey friends i have been blogging for nearly about 8 to 9 months I have been working hard in order to get Google adsense, but i was going nowhere. Google first choice to give adsense to that blog which has optimization. But I was lacking the knowledge about,’how to optimize blog post?’

All these stuffs were making me feel bad as my hard work is not paying me back. A week back i have been traveling and i met a person who was a profession blogger and tech-writer. I told him about my problems related to blogging. The basic problem related to my blogging was that i do not know how to use All In One SEO Pack. So he told me 10 top ways to optimize blog post according to best social media marketing in company Toronto

SEO Tutorial: Ways to optimize blog post

 In the title of a post must include a keyword: optimize blog post
Now the title you give must include proper keywords as title is the first thing that will draw attention of traffic on your blog. The title must include more than 1 keyword for example: check the title of this post, it include more than 3 keywords.

Edit permalink of your post: optimize blog post
Now focus on 1 keyword (eg. I have focused optimize blog post in this post)   from your post title that is used most commonly and use that keyword in your permalink by editing your permalink.
Do not forget to use heading 1, heading 2, heading 3: optimize  blog post
For better rankings in search engines do not forget to use heading and sub-headings. Headings are heading 1, heading 2, heading 3 and so on.

Use keywords in headings: optimize  blog post
Do not forget to use keywords in heading. If you use the focused keyword in the heading it will help in increasing the crawl rate of your website.

Use keywords in first and last lines: optimize blog post
Always try to use the focused keyword in first  and last line of your every paragraph of your post. Also use this keyword two times in first and last paragraph of your post.

Use keyword in Alternate text of image: optimize blog post
As nowadays most of searches on internet is related to pics and images so use the focus keyword in alternate text of the image. Google also counts the caption and alt. text so fill keyword in pics also.

Do not use excess keywords: optimize blog post
Do not use keywords in excess as it does not liked by the viewer and also to Google. As we know that excess of anything is bad so do not use keywords in excess as Google can penalized you for this.

Interlink the posts of your website: optimize blog post
The posts which are Interlinked to each other in some or other way just link them using insert/edit link option, this will save the time of your site visitors as they do not have to find the other post. This will indirectly help you in optimization of your post.

Use maximum words in your post: optimize blog post
Use maximum words in your post because this will help in increasing web page rank as page rank depends on textual contents. Your minimum post must be around 300 to 500 words. The more you write, more will be the crawl rate of your blog. more will be the text more will be the keywords and also important phrases.

Less ads: optimize blog post
Also understand less will be the ads on your blog more will be the reputation of your blog. Be patients for Google adsense.

Hope these points will help you and your blog in optimization.

Top 10 ways to optimize blog post for SEO

Top 10 ways to optimize blog post for SEO


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