Diwali is a multi cultural festival celebrated historically with colourful fireworks and light across india. We at the liquidink Design studio designed this expereince to send our heartfelt wishes to our clients, family and friends during this festive season, to spread the message of togetherness.
The story of Diwali captured through a unique set of characters and personalities, best told by the fireworks that light up our homes during the festival. These common characters representative of any typical household in india, paint a picture of diversity and togetherness in celebrating the festival

So, Shoot a rocket of prosperity! Light a chakri of crazy laughter. Sparkle with happiness

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Credits to 
Art Direction/ Research - Rae Zachariah, Maitreyi Ghosh
Creative Copy - Aditya Shankar, Rae Zachariah
Web/ Mobile web/ Tech - Rajath Bail
Web Development - Nikhil Zachariah, Nikesh, Vignesh - Hubbler.mobi
Concept / Creative Direction - Ranganath Krishnamani

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Be the Light