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    A viral spot for Puma.
— 1 Min. Version
— 0:30 Min. Version
We open on group of youths climbing over a small fence near an industrial site that is no longer used. Close-up of a Puma shoe being pressed vertically against the fence as if someone wanted to climb it. Two boys of the group are climbing ahead and turn around to take the items the others are passing over the fence: buckets, paint roller, old wooden beams, a tool box and a football.

Two of the boys are busy connecting the old beams with the help of hammer and nails while the two girls, each equipped with a bucket and paint roller start to paint lines on the ground. While doing this, one of the girls is looking over to the opposite of the concrete field. She sees that the other girls also being busy painting the ground. The four boys, who have finished their construction a little later, got out a ball and approach the girls in a funny/flirty way. The young people start to play football. They have formed teams and just kick off. In a house opposite the site a few other youths notice the others playing on the concrete below from a window and watch the match. 

A boy of the group who is already playing football turns towards the entrance of the house and smiles. He sees three boys running towards the field. He smiles and throws one of them a small bright bracelet.
The boy, slightly puzzled, catches the bracelet. The other two boys, who came running with him, join him to his left and right. Slightly confused, they look into the boy’s palm who has just caught the bracelet. With a puzzled look the boy inspects the bracelet in his palm with the lettering „Make the difference“. The last shot will be a still of one item from the video (e.g. toolbox) in which the products and bracelets are placed.