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    Temple sculpture for AfrikaBurn 2013: Archetypes.
Afrikaburn Tankwa Karoo 2013: Archetypes

I am. In the darkness I rise. Aeons of elemental pressure force me skyward. The stars are my kin. The layered walls of my body are the veils of my being; the cracks letting the light shine in. I give the gift of transformation. Release your internal diatribe with me, let go the things that no longer serve. I am. My voice is that of the crackling fire,  within my heart  burns a fierce potential. I hold a space for you by this fire; I am that light in that dark night. ...I am Compression.
photograph by Jonx Pillemar

Simon Max Bannister was the visionary for this experiential sculpture at AfrikaBurn this year. His intention was to hold a sense of place and earthly presence with the work. Inspired by the angular compacted stones of the desert and taking its tactile lead from 'Solace' of last year. He utilized a similar construction method of layered triangular plywood. Taking months of planning and 4 days to construct on location, he describes what the Burn represents for him. 
"The experience of working out there in the Tankwa with a joyful crew from all over world gives the piece a collective focus. Engaging with the stark wild landscape brings you closer to it.  

Compression held a space on the fringe of the festival allowing it to become an archetypal place for burners to pilgrimage to. The elemental nature of the piece organically creates interaction and with that the opportunity for each burner to have their own insight. My mission is to make sculptures that are a two-way conversation and have the gravitas of a sacred place. A place that has the power to change someone.

When it comes to the silent burn, we all gather in the ancient way, awed by the power of the flame. Seeing how the work holds in its final moments, letting it go and sharing that moment fills the air with magnetic energy." 

There is a crack in everything.
That's how the light gets in.    
Leonard Cohen

The words written reflect the psyche
of the present collective...
photograph by Kenny Yu
Sculptural sacrifice.
The world is an everburning fire, everything a sacrifice to the flame of life.
Joseph Campbell
Sending out perpetual gratitude to my crew of wandering souls... this work brought us together in the most beautiful way, love the energy on the rig! 
photograph by Amber Rathbone