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Interactive Installation: Perspectives

Interactive Installation: Perspectives
– Exhibition Design 

How predictable are you? Are you curious to know what people think of you? The installation was built with the intention of designing relationships and forming understandings with oneself and others.

An open brief.

My project is an interactive installation about understanding self through friends, family and with yourself. The aim was to get people together to form understandings about each other and provide a form of reflection for users. There are three prompts to this installation, each of them is depicted by a colour. Using the wall of adjectives, users can interact by using each colour of the yarns to answer to each question.

Red stands for ‘How do you see yourself?’
Yellow stands for ‘How do others see you?’
Blue stands for ‘How do you want others to see you?’

I experimented with several layouts and materials such as tapes, wires, etcetera and decided on yarns as it is the most visually appealing and convenient option. The circle display also looked the most dynamic in comparison with my other options. The adjectives were a mix of playful and serious choices to ease on the intensity, creating a less pressurising setting for all. The outcome of this project will allow me to recognise how close people are to who they want to be and help me in analysing how participants perceive themselves and each other.

From what I have gathered, being genuine is usually a starting point for participants and chosen most when answering to all three questions. Most people also see themselves as innocent, insane, sneaky and assholes. Since the setting felt light-hearted, the participants were taking it easy but still honest with their choices. Some of them even provided examples to back themselves up verbally which really gave me a good laugh. With regards to how similar participants are to seeing themselves and how others see them, it is almost identical in addition to a few new traits. This unknowingly started a discussion between both parties and served my purpose of the project. In conclusion, most people wants to be and wants to be seen in a positive light. Certain traits may mean negatively but to these participants, it is perceived more as an advantage and one's uniqueness than as a flaw. 
A daily record of the installation from the first to the third and final day of exhibition.
Interactive Installation: Perspectives