Broken Memories
A game based on 
your curiosity to explore.

Experience being in two different worlds, one the real world, from which you fall into the surreal world, to experience the life journey and memory of a broken tap. The iterative journey gives the player a chance to explore the various worlds of the tap, and learn more every life cycle. The time limit in the worlds probes the player to visit again and again but still never be able to experience the complete memory. ​​​​​​​

Final prototype :
Physical prototype of Narrative :
Story-boarding - initial drafts :
This game was developed as a part of 5 days virtual narratives workshop with Quicksand design studio.
Team : Akshay Kumar, Komal Jain, Aarushi Bapna
My role: This was a collaborative project in which all team members had tried all steps of the process equally...Building the narrative, story-boarding, virtual scenes in unity, Creating assets, photogrammetry
Thank you

Broken memories