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Perceptual Biases
A product's communication is not merely delivered by text, visual elements, color, shapes or materials. It is the combination of all elements and of all meanings attributed to those elements, that create a new interpretation to the viewer. If this meaning does not fit the brand, consumer approval will be far from reach.
In the packaging industry it is well known that food packaging triggers perceptual biases. Food packaging cues tent to influence taste perception inducing a so called taste-placebo effect.
The 'false attribution bias' leaves consumers to believe that Heinz is only qualified to produce sauces. The characteristic of making good sauces attributes to their ‘personality’. Should Heinz decide to make a different product, that product will taste like Heinz. Should Domino's pizza company make baby food, it can not be healthy, right?
Moreover, due to 'consistency biases', we do not like it when a brand starts entering different markets. We love continuity and consistency, we search for in in ourselves, in others and in brands. Their past behavior should resemble the present, we therefore project old characteristics on new products.
Perceptual Biases