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    Discovery Kids Cocinaccion
Our 'Discovery Kids' friends have come with an amusing and ambitious proposal this time: we have to face the complete Production of Cocinaccion (Shooting, Design, Animation and Postproduction). It is a package of ten recipes to encourage kids to cook with their parents and eat healthy food.
Firstly, the shooting was made together with a group of professionals formed by a Chef, Photo Director and Actors (children and adults). Children were filmed while cooking meals with their own hands!. After that we made the design of a wide graphic system formed by an Opening, Titles, Recipe table, Lowerthirds, Transitions, Warnings, and Close with a Positive Goal. As well we create Mum and Dad characters who are present all the time with important advices.
Our challenge was to create an amusing, colourful and didactic design while taking care of little kids when things turned dangerous. We had a great time while generating these characters and playing with different colours and shapes!! We hope you can cook some of those recipes.
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Produced for Discovery Kids / Client: Discovery Kids
Idea & Concept: HippieHouse Studio
Art Direction: Ignacio Sandoval, Chris O'Farrell
Production: Eugenia Garcia Montaldo
Design & Illustration: Augusto Gabrys
Animators: Ignacio Sandoval, Chris O'Farrell, Martiniano Garcia Cornejo
Cell animator: Augusto Gabrys
Montage editor: Ignacio Sandoval
Sound Fx & Mix: Chris O'Farrell
Post & Color: Ignacio Sandoval
Footage Shooting
Footage Shooted, Directed and Edited by 'Gato Buenos Aires'
Production: Sebastian Sanz
Director of Photography: Juan Maglione
Chef: Juan Freire
Sound Track Tipsy - Hey! from Album 'Uh-Oh!'
At Discovery Kids
Art Direction: Alberto Garcia
Creative Direction: Antonio Rojas
All rights reserved © HIppieHouse 2006-2013