Mostrar - Custom Wordpress Theme
Mostrar WordPress Theme
Responsive Mockup of Wordpress Theme
A Wordpress portfolio theme

Mostrar is a custom WordPress theme built using Bootstrap 4.

The theme uses the WordPress customizer to allow owners to add their own homepage background image, change the text that appears in the caption box or even replace these with a responsive showcase gallery that uses flex to resize the layout.

The theme uses Lato for headings and Roboto for paragraph text.
Screenshot showing all the Mostrar Themes options, available through the WordPress customizer.

    - Theme options
    - Logo
    - Homepage Image Showcase
    - Social Media Icons
    - Widgets
WordPress Customizer Options
The theme options panel for Mostrar allowing you to control:

    - Tick box control to show or hide breadcrumbs on inner pages
    - Tick box control to show or hide comment on pages
    - Tick box control to show or hide the homepage welcome message
    - Edit the message title and text
    - Image select to change the homepage background image

The Homepage Image Showcase allows you to add up to five images with a title, a caption and a link. The tickbox controls whether the image showcase or the homepage image is shown.

The showcase is fully responsive and uses Flexbox to resize based on the number of images added.
Homepage Image Showcase Options
This is a screenshot showing five added images.
Hompeage Image Showcase with Five Images
It is also possible to add a custom logo, add your favourite social media icons and add widgets to the footer.
Mostrar - Custom Wordpress Theme

Mostrar - Custom Wordpress Theme

Custom WordPress theme built on the Bootstrap 4 responsive framework. The theme utilises the in-built WordPress customiser allowing users to cont Read More


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