A guidebook to the Talkies of Bombay

A guidebook to the 
Talkies of Bombay

The third edition of the popular Canteen Cocktails by The Bombay Canteen
a café and bar that's Indian at heart, is themed around the old school 
single-screen cinema halls of Bombay. These iconic landmarks, once filled 
with glamour, melodious entertainment and whistling crowds, are now lost in 
by-lanes of the city, still reflecting the beautiful nostalgia off their facades. 
This menu+guidebook aims to capture the lost essence of these talkies, 
celebrating their films, songs, people and the talkie-going culture that once was.


Research Documentation
Included curated walks from talkie-to-talkie, 
talkie staff interviews, documented photographs,
 rare collections of movie buffs & a lot of enthusiasm.

The Talkies of Bombay
Hand illustrated facades with watercolours and micron pens

Cocktail Posters
Each cocktail is themed around an iconic movie that played 
at the talkie and the inspiration for the visual style of the cocktail 
posters comes from the old-school movie posters from that era.

This project was my main internship work at Please See//, Mumbai over a period of 7 months. 
My contribution has been in the process of research, ideation, menu conceptualization, illustrations, 
poster templates as well as book layouts. The menu was launched on 25th October, 2018.




This project was a collaborative outcome of the teams at 
Cocktails by Bartender Raul & Cocktail Images by Chef Heena. 

Book available on sale at The Bombay Canteen, Mumbai. 

A guidebook to the Talkies of Bombay

A guidebook to the Talkies of Bombay

'A guidebook to the Talkies of Bombay' is the third edition of the Canteen Cocktails menu by The Bombay Canteen. It is a cocktail menu + guideboo Read More