2019 trends: typography
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2019 typography trends
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This month we're covering trends for 2019. Because you can never start too early, and never be too inspired. Let's dive in, starting with fonts and typography to try next year.
1. Extra-loud and bold
Bold fonts make your logo pop, no matter where it's placed. Posters and prints will be visible from afar. And your website will be packed with personality.
From left to right: by jestyr37, I n f r, hortasar
2. Minimalist sans serifs
Sans serifs make compositions look airy and soft with an added sense of calm and tranquility. Give them room to breathe or you risk taking away their charm.
From left to right: Stan Kurkula, Ian Douglas
3. Nostalgic vintage
A vintage font can make a logo or package design look elegant and serious. Or bold, yet nostalgic and intricate. If you want to bring a classic touch to the modern world, this style is definitely for you.
Designs by Sign²in
4. Evolving script
Script fonts have evolved. In 2019 they’ll come in many different shapes and styles: classic or quirky, serious or playful, monoline or varied weight.
From left to right: :: scott ::, Yokaona
5. Outlines
Whether you’re looking to pump up your header, highlight some copy or make a composition feel airy, outline fonts have you covered (and they will be popping up everywhere this year). 
From left to right: simplest™, goopanic
6. High-contrast serifs
You’ll recognize their contrasting weights: the upstroke of a letter is usually thinner than the downstroke, and these fonts exaggerate this difference, resulting in a dramatic effect.
From left to right: Spoon Lancer, nnorth
7. Quirky
Be on the lookout for more playful typography in 2019 that’s rough, clumsy, but still super charming. 
From left to right: Mky, WintryGrey, jestyr37
8. Messy
Messy fonts. They abandon what’s “pretty” as we know it, and create a new aesthetic—one that's punky and doesn’t care.
From left to right: Sava Stoic, Meellajestyr37
9. Hand-lettering
Any shape and size. Any style. When you incorporate hand-lettering into your designs, you’ll always get something one-of-a-kind.
From left to right: Martis LupusMkyallthestarsunder
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2019 trends: typography

2019 trends: typography

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