New Perspectives – Visual Identity
Graphic Design
N E W  P E R S P E C T I V E S

Brunner, one of the leading manufacturers of contract furniture, was looking for a communication
concept to present their new products at the international office furniture fair ORGATEC. 

With the main idea "New Perspectives", Brunner showed its vision of flexible working and living, as well as
its approach to always be open up for new perspectives and never be afraid to explore the unkown.

Kaleidoscope graphics were created from the object furniture and served as key visuals for the entire fair communication. Installations on the exhibition stand opened up new perspectives,
depending on which side they where seen from.

Client: Brunner
Art Direction: Tim KaunText: Lars Widmann
Designer: Niklas Poweleit, Nico Witwicki | Motion Design: Robin Albrecht | Bewegtbildgrafik
CGI/Post: Alexander Bouquet, Marcus Widmann, Dominik Schmutzer, Sascha Pabst, Valentina Kohl, Gabriel Wiesler
Project Manager: Jasmin Eisele, Marilen Kurtz | 
Production: Anja Geib
Fair Stand: Ippolito Fleitz Group

New Perspectives – Visual Identity
Multiple Owners
Tim Kaun