Whoop This Arcade is where the worlds of skating, gaming, and music collide. The gallery features six hand-built arcade cabinets and three custom rhythm-based skate games that take place in locations around the world. Players have to perform tricks to the beat of the song to score points.
Flip Beat is set in the streets of Los Angeles. Players' main objective is to nail each flip trick to every beat that's thrown at them.

Roll Beat brings players into the underground of London to test their manualing skills. Manualing isn’t as easy as it looks, but players can make it appear easy by hitting every beat to stay rolling on two wheels.

Grind Beat places players in the heart of Tokyo. Players find themselves grinding on a never-ending rail and the only way to stay balanced is to stay on beat.

Ashten "Whoopi" Winger

Ashten "Whoopi" Winger — Creative Direction, Fabrication, Electrical Engineering
Mykola Dosenko — Level Design, Art Direction, UI
Kyle Shepherd — Game Developer
Greg Giles — Game Developer
Produced by IAMSOUND