"American Fucking Gothic!", from "American Gothic", Grant Wood
"Lady with a Chihuahua", from "Lady with an Ermine", Leonardo Da Vinci
"Here we sell only souvenirs of God", from "Purification of the Temple", Giotto
"The Belly of Venus", from "The Birth of Venus", Sandro Botticelli
"The Wrong Creation of Adam", from "The Creation of Adam", Michelangelo
"Smoking Kills", from "Medusa", Caravaggio
"The Kiss, in the wrong place and time", from "The Kiss", Francesco Hayez
"Bye Bye Italia", from "The Departure of the Garibaldino", Gerolamo Induno (http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Artgate_Fondazione_Cariplo_-_Induno_Gerolamo,_La_partenza_del_garibaldino.jpg)
"Nighthawks at Kebab", from "Nighthawks", Edward Hopper
"The Downgrading of Olympia", from "Olympia", Edouard Manet
"Primavera After Party", from "Primavera, Allegory of Spring", Sandro Botticelli 
"Lunch Break", from "Click here"
"The Absence", from "The Absinthe Drinker", Edgar Degas
"San Gerolamo dormant", from "San Girolamo", Caravaggio
"People in tha atomic sun", from "People in the sun", Edward Hopper