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    Ad for Swedish Läkarmissionen (Doctor's Mission), an independent foundation. Directed by Anders Forsman.
LäkarmissionenGuardian Angel
Swedish Läkarmissionen is an independent foundation active all around the world since 1958. Together with local partners they help people with, for example, social care, education and assistance to self-sufficiency. These people need your donation. Act now to change the future for vulnerable people. Read more at lakarmissionen.se

Director: Anders Forsman 
Agency: Jack Russel
Production Company: B-Reel
Producer: Lia Eliasson
Production Manager: Rima Kassar 

Cinematography: Göran Hallberg
Gaffer: Kent Högberg, Kent Kääntä
Set Design/Character Design: Mats Sahlström, Dockhus
Stop Motion Animation: Dockhus, Mikael Lindbom, Anna Mantzaris
Post Production: Fido
Music and Sound: Plop