Metallic printing inside the slipcase featured hand-written notes & lyrics from Tom DeLonge
Foil stamp & deboss slip case details. Spot UV printing inside the book revealed notes, lyrics & hidden photos.
Album side of book. 16 pages with spot UV & 5th color metallic bronze + with foil stamp /&deboss faux leather cover
POET Anderson: The Dream Walker comic side of book. 38 pages with foil stamp & deboss faux leather cover
Dream Journal - 100 pages with faux leather cover + deboss front / back cover
Limited Edition Fan Club (left) & regular release vinyl
5 color screenprint poster featured a glow-in-the-dark ink hit (actual photo / sequence above)
POET ANDERSON: The Dream Walker
Limited Edition box set & album packaging

Art Direction  |  Branding  |  Packaging

Limited edition box set, album packaging & promotional materials.


Limited edition box set consisted of a slip case, a two sided book & a dream journal. All covers were wrapped in faux leather.

The slip case features a deboss title + foil stamped logo on each side. The interior is black with a metallic ink print with Tom's lyrics & notes.

The book is a flip flop book with front covers, each featuring a foil stamp & deboss design.

    Album side - 16 pages with album notes, behind the scenes photos from recording the   
    album & hand-written notes / lyrics from Tom, it also featured 5th color metallic printing 
    & spot UV which revealed more photos, lyrics & stories.

    Comic Side - 38 page comic book version of the award-winning POET Anderson: The 
    Dream Walker cartoon.

The Dream Journal has hand-written song lyrics & DREAM deboss design.


The record included a colored vinyl, limited edition Angels & Airwaves fan club only release


A 5-color screen printed 12" x 12" poster included a glow-in-the-dark print
Additional Project Credits
Dream Walker "Sphere" design by GUS MENDONCA DESIGN 
POET Anderson: The Dream Walker award-winning short film & character design by Edgar & Sergio Martins
POET Anderson: The Dream Walker comic book / lettering by Brett Burner / Lamppost Publications
Screen print poster printed by Vahalla Studios
Angels & Airwaves POET Dreamwalker Box Set

Angels & Airwaves POET Dreamwalker Box Set

Limited Edition box set & album release packaging for Angels & Airwaves (Tom DeLonge, Ilan Rubin) POET Anderson: The Dream Walker album.