Giraffes have never really existed
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    Personal series
« Giraffes don’t grow in trees. There will be no trees anymore by the way. Giraffes grow in cages, for the moment. Sooner they won’t grow at all because humans are destroying everything, including and especially themselves. So keep your eyes wide open. Read carefully the small signboard there on the side, it tells you about savanna, jungle and sea. It tells you about soon forgotten times. It explains that the animal you are watching in his cage is lucky to be protected. Don’t be sad or at least don’t show it. You would be regarded as crazy or hysterical. Just watch and one day you’ll be able to tell : « Yes, giraffes have really existed ».​​​​​​​
The images from this series were taken in various French zoos and aquariums during the last two years, then processed thanks to a personal technique based on prints deterioration.