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    A series of court illustrations
"The process of twelve" became the most remarkable mass political process in St Petersburg, Russia.
12 activists of unregistered political party  "The Other Russia" were under trial for extremism (article 282). They were accused of taking part in the National Bolshevik party, forbidden in 2007. 
Accusation based on the recordings of a bug installed in the office of the party. Witnesses for prosecution were policemen and secret informers. The process lasted from April to December 2012. Politicial activists, deputies, writers, appeared in the court. 
 I visited most sittings of the court and made about 70 illustrations. 
Mixed media, 2012.  
Good news. In 2014, the "The process of twelve" was published: 
80 pages 
160 x 240 mm 
100 copies