Bombcrash - Ludum Dare 18
Indie, 2010 (48 Hour Challenge to Build a Game from Scratch)
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No Weapons. Exploding Robots!
You're an unarmed robot engineer and humanity's only hope from the rampant bomb-bots! Run and dash through the levels of the space station to reach hacking terminals, where you can set groups of robots to self-destruct and turn against other robots! As you do, don't let them hit you, but lure them to crash into each other!
For Ludum Dare 18 (8/2010) Theme: "Enemies as Weapons".
This is my first entry in Ludum Dare! Speaking of Ludum Dare, special shout out to Noonat. When I was first learning about Flixel, his game "Queens" (also a Ludum Dare project) inspired me to commit to the framework! I definitely recommend anyone try out for the next Ludum Dare! Beyond that, I want to thank Adam 'Atomic' Saltsman for creating and supporting Flixel and everyone at the Flixel community for helping me learn! Hope you like BOMBCRASH- enjoy!