Skinny Dip X HNP
As a part of our creative journey with HappyNotPerfect we were able to create product with Skinnydip.  Skinnydip is a lifestyle brand passionate about supporting Young British Talent. Through their London based design studio they  produce a range of creative headphones and cases (for iPhone, iPad and eBooks) for the UK fashion market.

all items are available for purchase exclusively on Skinnydip's site.

Check out! the awesome article Poppy Jamie ( founder of app ) gives about the HNP movement.
Happiness Diary

We created the 'Happiness Diary' to help you reflect and relax. Taking lead from the HNP app, every page is designed with a purpose: to pause for thought, to outline actions or insights, to reflect on your mood and mind.
Squishy Pill Case

Designed to add little reminders into your life on the daily, our Squishy Pill Case is filled with memos to remind you to breathe, chill and smile! Not only that, it’s filled with squishy liquid, so when you’re feeling a little stressed your case is there to take your mind off your worries!
Bubble Wrap Case

If you find popping bubble wrap as satisfying as we do, then this is the perfect case for you. The ultimate stress-reliever, our Bubble Wrap Case is covered in clickable buttons, so you can relieve some tension wherever you go.
Chill Pill Key Chain

You know that saying when someone tells you to take a chill pill? We thought it’d be better to create a key ring you can attach to your keys or fave bag, to give you a subtle reminder every day to stop the stressing and just chill.
Skinny Dip X HNP
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