Matadero Madrid commissioned us to develop the visual campaign for 'Tentacular. A Festival about Critical Tech & Digital Adventures' curated by Bani Brusadin, José Luis de Vicente and Julia Kaganskiy. Tentacular explores the most uncomfortable areas of connected society in a narrative and technical tour de force between the criticism of technology and technological literacy, in search of new imaginaries that illuminate the crises of the connected society.

From Rebeka Arce Studio the aim was to build a distinctive, dynamic and contemporary visual narrative to enhance the powerful and innovative content of the festival.

Creative & art direction: Rebeka Arce
Graphic system: Rebeka Arce
Animation: Nacho Velasco
Photography: Maykel Lima
Space design: Olga Subirós Studio
Event photography: Anthony Perez & Matadero Madrid / Lukasz Michalak
Year: 2018

Tentacular Festival Matadero Madrid