Centric Dare: Augmented Reality iPad App in 100 Hours
Centric Dare 01 Augmented Reality Game prototype for iPad 2. Designed & built in 100 consecutive hours (including a few breaks for sleep).
In exploring possible games I could make with my own indie game dev label, Centric, I designed and built the prototype in a self-imposed marathon dare to create a new type of game. I came up with a technique I call 'holographic scrolling', where the player character remains fixed over the AR marker and the game world scrolls around him as he moves... in real 3D space.
See the demonstration video of the AR Game in action here:
Every AR game I've ever seen instead has a fixed 'virtual board' over the marker. My method allows for an infinitely-sized world that players can physically move themselves around in to explore. It vastly broadened the potential for AR game designs I could make, so I wanted to put the idea to the test.
Watch me work 100 consecutive hours in 10 minutes as I build a game in a spare weekend that no one else has ever built before: http://youtu.be/eaDy9onrwRI