Darksiders II
Vigil Games - THQ - 2011, 2012
I was hired at Vigil Games in late Fall 2011 to take charge of their UI team (a UI Artist and a UI Developer) and re-design, art direct, and lead implementation of the new UI of Darksiders 2 across the board, an effort largely executed in 30 days. The results of which were shipped with the game (receiving 9.0 Ratings).
After relocating to Austin, it became clear the existing UI needed an overhaul of 27 screens, new UI art direction, and organization over pending features to get it triple-A shippable, fast. I immediately began by creating production schedules, a new UI development pipeline, and started working with my team members to create a constantly churning cycle of UI production.
I presented my plans to and led regular UI meetings with the Darksiders 2 leads, including the Lead Game Designer & Art Director, gaining their approval every step of the way to proceed. After a certain logistical point, we were able to begin building out the new UI, which we did in 30 days, with bug-fixing to follow. I'm proud of the results, especially because of the extreme circumstances!