Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA)
Rebranding Campaign
The Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA) is the nationwide professional association for those involved in public administration.  It has divisions in all states and territories and a national support office.

IPAA’s most immediate branding problem was that it looks dated, and lacks good brand architecture: a clearly defined configuration of services or products and visual consistency. What IPAA needs is a fresh way of structuring their brand to bring their full range of services into focus. By adopting a distinct and logical brand architecture, IPAA will better able to cross-promote their services, and more importantly, regain control over the way their customers perceive the brand.

Brand architecture is an integrated system of names, symbols, colours, and visual vocabulary that caters directly to customer’s thought process.

IPAA’s brand architecture enables us to segment our messaging and services so that each of our target audiences hears what they want to hear and gets precisely what they’re looking for.

IPAA and it’s sub-brands are structured in a logical, intuitive way, making marketing efforts exponentially more efficient. It also allows for cross-promotion between sub-brands, making marketing more effective.

By establishing an intuitive brand architecture for IPAA, we set the stage to easily add products or services as IPAA grows in future. IPAA brand becomes a modular entity primed for the addition of new sub-brands.

IPAA’s brand architecture gives parent brand the power of diversification by highlighting the unique strengths of its distinct sub-brands.

With divisions or sub-brands clearly delineated in IPAA’s brand architecture, customers will be able understand their unique value propositions. 

Designer and Design Director:
Rehan Saiyed

Silver Award in Branding Campaign, 48th Creativity International Awards in Design and Advertising, USA