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The Spammers Covers

Concept design: Graphinux / Refrito Studio 

Photo credits: 
Sabrina doing the Twist and unknown guitar and saxophone band, Peppermint Lounge, Sydney - IE number: IE3373385 – File number: FL3373391 – Call no. Australian Photographic Agency - 11973 State Library of New South Wales

Hood II : [Colonel de Basil's "Original Ballet Russe" (Russian Ballet) season, 1939-1940, photographed for Australian and New Zealand Theatres Ltd. or copied from Maurice Seymour's Chicago photographs or those of "Anthony" of London] 

Series 01: Lincoln Coffee Lounge & Cafe, Rowe Street, Sydney / photographed by Brian Bird 

Dog of Randall the jeweller 
American & Australasian Photographic Company 

Five stages of inebriation, ca.1863-1868
Charles Percy Pickering
From State Library, New South Wales AU. 

APA studio photographs of hens' eggs painted to make figurine ornaments, Tony Middleton, APA 
Australian Photographic Agency - 28178 
Digital ID: d7_28178 

Out of copyright: Created before 1955 
From the collection of the State Library of New South Wales 
The Spammers Covers

The Spammers Covers