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    Stavchansky 2013 Demo Reel
2013 Demo Reel
Credits Below
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LUMIN8ME | Video Greeting 
[ 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Texturing, Lighting, Compositing, Keyframe Animation ]
I handled modeling, texture, lighting & compositing.  Textures were pulled from web repositories managed by NASA.  Tools used included Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk 3DStudio Max, cebas' finalFlares, and Adobe AfterEffects.  You can customize and share this video greeting by visiting lumin8me.com.
LUMIN8ME | Ident Tag
[ Motion Graphics, Compositing, Keyframe Animation ]
Trina Bentley of Make & Matter designed the logotype.  I brought the logo into Adobe After Effects and used Video Copilot's Element3D to extrude it, animate it, and texture it.  I composited the lens flare using Video Copilot's Optical Flares within After Effects.
Audioslave | Doesn't Remind Me | Visual Effects Shots
[ VFX Design, Motion Graphics, Compositing ]
Worked with Chris Milk represented by @radiacal.media and Simon Scott represented by Mac Guff in the production of visual effects sequences for an Audioslave's "Doesn't Remind Me" music video.  I rendered out Targa sequences from Adobe After Effects for use in Autodesk Flame.  The water droplet effect is acheived by inputting practically shot mattes into After Effects' RE:Vision Effects Shade/Shape plugin.
St. Edward's University | 125th Anniversay Presentation for Presidential Address
[ Typographic Design, Motion Graphics, Compositing, Keyframe Animation ]
While at foci studios, I collaborated with St. Edward's University creative services department to design and produce a video for playback during the university's presidential address on the institution's 125th anniversary.  Tools used included Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe After Effects.  I handled typographic design, keyframe animation, and collaborated with Michael Ricks who contributed his keyframe animation and vfx design skills.
LUMIN8ME | Video Greeting
[ Kinetic Typography, Keyframe Animation, Compositing, Adobe After Effects Scripting ]
This is the prototype video greeting for the LUMIN8ME platform.  It is intended for the special occasion of a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.  All animation was handled within After Effects.  The video can be personalize and shared by visiting lumin8me.com
MMA Nike Spec Ad
[ Color Correction, VFX Design, Typgoraphy ]
Assisted in the post-production of a Nike spec directed by Bret Zausmer.  I handled color correction and the end tag ident.  Footage was delivered as uncompressed footage shot with RED.  Worked in Adobe Premiere Pro while utilizing Magic Bullet software.
[ Lighting, Texturing, Shading, Rendering ]
Some of the shots for a short animation that is currently in production of which I am directing.  Character and camera animation was handled by Charles Lin, modeling was provided by the one and only Adam Saltsman, character rigging was provided by Bren Wilson.  I handled texturing, lighting, and rendering within 3DSMax.  I also managed all the digital assets necessary to get the scene files ready for all phases of production.  Learn more about Optitronic on my website.
LUMIN8ME | Video Greeting
[ Illustration, Compositing, Keyframe Animation, Motion Graphics ]
Brought together stock photography and my original illustrations to create a "found vintage" look for this video greeting.  The greeting is intended to be sent when an apology needs to be shared.  I worked with Adobe Illustrator to create the illustrations, and composited them with various stock images using Adobe Photoshop.  Editing and effects work was accomplished with Adobe After Effects.
Lucky Rabbit Films | Intro Slate
[ VFX Design, Keyframe Animation, Compositing, Motion Graphics ]
This slate was used in a few of Lucky Rabbit FIlms' productions.  While at foci studios, I worked with Bret Zausmer and Ryan Scheer to produce this.  The particle effect is half practical, half computer simulated.  Zausmer delivered the practical photography and I used Adobe After Effects to combine them with the shattering effect of the logo.
Lucky Rabbit Films | Title Sequence
[ VFX Design, Compositing, Keyframe Animation, Motion Graphics ]
Title sequence for a short film produced by Lucky Rabbit Films.  I composited plates shot by Ryan Scheer with stop-motion photography of  crumpled paper unbundling.  Stop-motion photography and charcoal drawings were handled created by Bret Zausmer.  I handled effects design, rotoscoping, and keyframe animation within Adobe After Effects.
I Don't Know
[ Illustration, Editing ]
I created a short music video set to the Beastie Boys' song "I Don't Know" by Adam Yauch (MCA).  I made the video as a tribute to him on his passing.  The Beasties Boys were always a source of inspiration for me, and I thought making something would be a nice way to honor his memory.  Illustrations are created with ink on Bristol paper and are scanned with a drum scanner.  You can see the illustrations right here on behance!
LUMIN8ME | Video Greeting
[ Compositing, Keyframe Animation, VFX Design]
"May the Lights of the Season" was created for the LUMIN8ME platform.  You can customize the message at the end of the video and share it at lumin8me.com.  The video was art directed by LA-based artist, Marc Lumer, and character animation was handled by Sruli Broocker.  Our collaboration made the production a very rewarding experience.  I brought in layered Adobe Photoshop files into Adobe After Effects and created a 2.5D world of layers separated them along the vertical and depth axes.  A single camera animation was created to transition between scenes.
LUMIN8ME | Video Greeting
[ Creative Direction, Editing, Color Correction, Typographic Design, Keyframe Animation ]
I directed this video greeting that is designed for sharing on a birthday.  As well, I handled post-production tasks.  Bret Zausmer photographed a majority of the flora in Coronado and La Jolla, California.  After I edited and color corrected the footage, I composited the animated text atop the images.  You can customize the birhtday message in this video and share it by visiting lumin8me.com.
The Corner
[ Keyframe Articulation, Typographic Design ]
This is the title sequence for the short film, "The Corner" directed by Bret Zausmer.  I handled creative direction and articulated keyframes for the camera's animation.  Animation blocking was provided by Patrick Sanner.
Dell Bamboo Packaging Spot
[ Motion Graphics, Modeling, Rendering, Keyframe Animation ]
Produced this spot for ENFATICO's bamboo packaging campaign for Dell.  John Lambie was creative director, and agency producer was Matt Hall.  Art Directors included   It was distributed as a pre-roll ad, and then updated for display on a LED Billboard Display at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai.
foci studios slate
[  Modeling, Lighting, Texturing, Rendering, Keyframe Animation ] 
This is the brand slate for foci studios.  Bret Zausmer provided creative direction, while I utilized Autodesk Maya to handle CG tasks.  I used the mental ray rendering engine within Maya to achieve the look.