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    Branding for Financial Transaction Services, LLC. 2010 through 2013
FTS Visual Identity
The client selected this iteration as the final version.  The general idea here is that the negative space between the `F` and the `T` represents a swiping credit card.
Once explorations were done in my sketchbook, I moved into type studies for the logo.  Click to flip through the different iterations of the logo.
Scans from my sketchbook showing exploration of logo identity for Financial Transaction Services.  FTS focuses on payment processing with a particular emphasis on credit cards.  The logo needed to exemplify swift and secure transactions that maintain a high degree of integrity.
Motion graphics experiment with FTS logo and tagline.  I provided creative direction and Jacob Mendez handled motion design and keyframe animation.
 FTS Branding: Sales Collateral + Communications
This brochure was a collaboration between myself, Matthew Bromley of Graphic Engine Design, and Erica Hess of Plume Communications.  I acted as creative director, and Matthew brought his exceptional graphic design and typography skills to realize the brochure.  I handled a bit of typesetting and image research.  I worked with Capitol Printing Co. in Austin, Texas to create the final product.  Below you can see photos of the actual brochure below.
Website Design + Development
These are some information architectures used in the development of this website.  I created these diagrams with Omnigraffle.  Several iterations were made during the course of the project to meet specific needs of the company's major stakeholders.
These are screenshots taken from ftservice.com in Q1 of 2013.  FTS has changed their name and is thus undergoing a rebrand.  As creative director for this website project, I worked with the very talented art director, Micah Boswell, to crank out wireframes, handle image research, and to create custom UI elements.  I handled all code implementation and architecture.  The site utilizes Javascript and jQuery to avoid browser refreshing when moving between sections of the site.  The smooth transitions between sub-areas necessitated special SEO techniques to ensure crawlers could index content.
Coda by Panic Software is my IDE of choice for developing sites on OSX.  When in Linux, however, I prefer editing with vim.  Styling for this site was implemented using SASS.  An .scss file is shown in this screenshot.
I created the HTML markup with PHP which allowed me to integrate the web forms on the site with email exchange servers and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms.
I made use of Javascript and jQuery to facilitate the implementation of the front-end UI.