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    Personal project
Pulso al texto.
Este conjunto de ilustraciones surgió a partir del proyecto de los escaparates de Vodafone.
Tenía que practicar el dibujo de tipografías directamente a rotulador sin encajar previamente a lápiz,
así que realicé esta serie de composiciones improvisando sobre el papel.
Challenging the text.
This group of illustrations arose from the Vodafone project.
I had to practice drawing typographies in marker without making a prior outline in pencil,
so I carried out this series of compositions by improvising on paper.
        I’m bored stiff.
       Falling down is allowed, getting back up is mandatory.
       Nature’s methods beg for serenity. Someday we will receive a lesson in humility.
        There is no better listener than the silence offered by the road less-traveled.
       Between two excuses, neither is true.
I was there in those moments, but I was so young and absorbed in my thoughts that I hardly recognized them as moments.
        Nothing will happen if you don’t propose it.
       Once I earn my day’s bread, then let there be poetry.