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Intro to digital - Unit Two
                                                           Foley Art
Cue List: 1: Water lapping on shore (:00 - :01)
                Object(s) Really big fan/vent 
                2: Running hand through hair (:02 - :07)
                Object(s) Hand running through hair
                3: Wind (:00 - :51)
                Object(s) Heater
                4: Bag plopping down on wood bench (:07 - :11)
                Object(s) Satchel being put down on wood  
                5: Bag opening (:11 - :12)
                Object(s) Magnets  
                6: Grabbing something from bag (:12 - :15)
                Object(s) Moving hand on bag 
                7: Sigh (:17 - :19)
                Object(s) Someone sighing
                8: Foot Steps (:24 - :50)
                Object(s) Baseball Glove
                9: Book plopping on wood (:28 - :28)
                Object(s) Book
               10: Hands grabbing rail (:37 - :38)
                Object(s) Hands grabbing metal pole or railing 
               11: Grabbing bag from robber (:37 - :38)
                Object(s) Grabbing leather
               12: Saying "Hey" (:41 - :45)
                Object(s) Saying Hey
               13: Saying "Thank You" (:46 - :47)
                Object(s) Saying thank you
               14: Hugging (:48 - :49)
                Object(s) Backpack hitting ground

                                                        Progress Photos
Screenplay analysis
Inglorious Basterds – Opening Scene

1) How does the action writing indicate Hanz Landa is playing mind games with LaPadite?
I believe Col. Hanz Landa was playing a mind game on LaPadite when he asked about the Jewish family, The Dreyfuses. Col. Hanz Landa wanted to see the reaction and the tone/volume of voice LaPadite was using to answer the S.S Colonel, and that’s when he found out that he was sheltering the enemies of the state. I chose this example from the script because this is when LaPadite started to break and show fear that could be easily exploited.
2) How does the action writing in the screenplay indicate who has control (or lack thereof)? 
On page 13 – 14 in the script, The S.S Colonel asks if he’s able to smoke his pipe as well, His pipe turns out to be a lot larger than LaPadite’s pipe. I believe this is proof that Col. Landa is showing dominance over LaPadite when he does this, it’s like yelling over each other and the person that yells the loudest is the dominate person. Dominance is like control, if you have dominance, you have control and this exactly what the S.S Colonel has.
3) How does the dialogue communicate information about the character speaking?
On page 4 on the script, LaPadite tells one of his daughters so fetch him water then tells her to go into the house with her mother and sisters but also tells her not tor run. This is because LaPadite doesn’t want the Nazi’s to think that they’re Jews running into the house to hide. This line of dialogue shows us that the way of saying something is really important so that the person receiving the message doesn’t get the wrong idea.
The 30 Second Ad

Intro to digital - Unit Two

Intro to digital - Unit Two