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    My submission for a 7 inch vinyl sleeve for Nick Drake's song "Rider on the Wheel".
February 2013
I proudly annouce that I was one of the 50 selected artworks for the Secret 7" exhibition, in London, UK. Thank you all for the support.
This is my submission for Talenthouse and Secret 7'' contest. The goal was to create an artwork for Nick Drake's track "Rider on the Wheel".
Nature has an assumed presence in Nick Drake's work. With this in mind, I chose a photograph of a tree in the countryside, where we can see a dirt road for the "rider on the wheel". I worked on the photograph and fragmented it in circles, which is the basic form of the wheel. Drake's life was also somehow fragmented, him being a lonesome person, similar to the tree in this artwork which stands alone. Also, the colors are light and cold, resembling the beauty and sadness in his songs.
For this artwork i used a stock photo and edited it. Also added some doodles i use to do in my notebooks.

"Secret 7’’ is a project that combines music and art. After their success in 2012 the team are back with a new line up of artists, a new set of tracks and a new charity partner.

Between 30-50 winners will be selected. One copy of each design will be produced and exhibited in East London for over a week in April. 
The project culminates on Record Store Day when the 700 one-of-a-kind vinyl will be available to purchase, with all of the profits going to the charity Art Against Knives. 

None of the buyers will know who created the sleeve, or even which song it's for, until they are holding it in their hands - the secret lies within."

First in the last row
Thank you.