Monsters in Mumbai 
It's been four years I have moved to this gargantous city of fun and frolic, the city of fashion, the city of bollywood, MUMBAI. This city surprised me quite a lot in terms of its energy and liveliness. 

This concept of doing a series on Monsters in Mumbai was quite a dream sequence.One night, I woke up to a dream which includes a sudden visit of a monster in this very busy city and he didn't wanted to leave. Moreover his friends came along. Quite a dream I must say! Shook me up! 

Hence, I jotted down my thoughts, digitally sketching out a few of these imaginary overgrown reptiles, and created a series out of them. Monsters, however scary and voluptuous haven't really scared me so much, may be only because I have dreamt about them and have never seen one in front. But, this whole thought of them visiting my current city really fascinates me and my creative self.  

This series is not yet complete and I would to explore more but for now these are the folks who have paid a visit to my thoughts.