Office design concepts for busy workers
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Office design concepts for busy workers

When entering your office you need to feel relaxed and comfortable in order to be productive. If this is not the feeling you have when you sit at your desk, you should plan an office refurbishment. As a busy worker, a modern design will help you maintain your efficiency, because there are no distractions that affect your productivity. This being said, you should think what look you have in mind when you imagine your office, because it will help you design it.

You spend hours at the office daily, so every small detail can affect your health and productivity. It is important the design of your office to not wear you down at the end of the day. If you incorporate the following features in the design of your office, you will work in an environment that enhances productivity and impresses through its aesthetics.

Open office space

It does not matter the size of your actual office, you can always open it up, if you redesign it under the form of an open plan layout. For transforming your office into an open layout space, you will have to remove the partitions between your office and the other ones. Individual cubicles are not an option when it comes to modern design. With an open office space, you make the most of your workplace, because it will look bigger and it will offer you more room to work.

By removing the walls, and replacing them with glass one you will lose your privacy while working, but you will have all the other benefits open layout offices bring.
You may have seen that the latest office buildings are made entirely from glass, not only their exterior is made from glass, but also their interior. Glass is perfect for offices, because it allows natural lighting enter the room and if you want moments of privacy, you can have them by installing blinds. Nowadays glass is the alternative used to walls and doors, when you have to separate your office from the other rooms in the building.
Sit and stand desks

If you will talk with health promoters, they will tell you that nowadays sitting for long hours is compared to smoking. It has similar effects on your health, and it is considered the cause of many medical conditions. But, if you are a busy worker, you cannot avoid sitting in the front of your computer for multiple hours a day. In order to prevent health problems from arising modern offices are furnished with sit and stand desks.
Busy workers do not take advantage of the breaks they can get in their program, and this means that they do not have when to stretch their legs. But standing is important for your health, so if you do not take breaks at least you can work from the standing position. Invest in an adjustable desk.

Bring inside mood-boosting elements

The best way to improve the mood of the office is to bring inside mood-boosting elements. Modern offices are designed with a single purpose in mind, to enhance the experience users have when they step in. If your office is the place where you want to spend your time, then you should do your best to bring inside plants, nature features, art pieces, an office pet and other similar elements.
Succulents are a great choice for office plants, because they are easy to care, and they have a minimalistic look.

When it comes to art, choose some abstract pieces, in a neutral colour, or in black and white. As office pets, fish, turtles, and lizards are great options, because they do not need extended spaces. you can find some beautiful models that would look great in a modern office. Autonomous chairs are the perfect examples for ergonomic chairs. When creating them, their designers were aware that passionate workers spend around 2000 hours at the office per year. Your efforts to work for long hours will have a negative impact on your health, because you can experience stress, anxiety, nerve damage, and chronic pain. An ergonomic chair, like the ones from this manufacturer will improve your body’s health, and will support your body while working for exhausting hours.

Autonomous chairs are created to improve your circulation and to enhance the posture of your spine. They were tested in order to make sure that they are durable and functional. When working for multiple hours you want to make sure that you have in your office a chair designed according to the latest engineering trends. The fabric from which the chairs are made will support your shape and will improve your posture while sitting. Because your needs are changing during the day, you can customise the way the chair works, to meet your needs.

Colour psychology

Big brands on the market are using colours to influence people’s behaviour. For example, McDonald’s spaces use yellow and red because these colours stimulate people’s appetite. Starbucks prefers red, because it is a colour that makes people feel relaxed, and you will want to spend more time in the coffee shop.
If you want to restore the design of the office, but you cannot remove the walls to replace them with glass ones, you will have to study the effect colours have on human psychic to decide which one is perfect for you.

Black is a heavy colour, but it can be used if you want to create a sophisticated and serious space. If you want to find a warmer alternative to black, you can choose brown, because it offers the impression of a supportive and solid space.Grey is a neutral hue, but if you do not choose the right shade, you can experience feelings of depression. It is advisable grey to be mixed with colours like pink and orange to balance their effects.Green is a balancing shade, and it offers people reassuring feelings, but depending on the shade you choose, it can be perceived as bland by your mind.
When it comes to colours, it is important to opt for a bold choice, because modern offices are about clean lines and beautiful colours.