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    A Graphic journey through the process
"There is beauty everywhere on the express condition that there is an eye capable of recognizing it." 
Jean-Henri Fabre

The Butterfly Life Cycle has been a subject that has amazed people throughout history. What I find fascinating is the way in which information is visualized in the fields of science and biology. Focusing on the butterfly solely, this project is a proof of how the values of graphic design can collaborate to improve and create aesthetically pleasing images of complex information that is found in dense scientific journals. By values of graphic design I mean the ways in which type, colour, text and image come together to communicate a message. In the current contemporary media, scientists publish their works in documents known as scientific journals. The way these journals visualize information can be a bit dense and difficult for that audience such as naturalists or hobbyists that wish to learn just a bit more than what National Geographic shows on its website. This project is meant for this person, an attempts to connect both audience and content through design.