Voices for Christ: Rebranding
September 2010 | www.voicesforchrist.org
Voices for Christ approached me to design a new logo and theme for their online ministry. The following gallery details the process I took to arrive at the final approved logo.
Logo: before & after.
I wanted to create a simple recognizable logo with a symbol that could be easily understood without the wordmark.

Initial mind-mapping.
I gathered key descriptive words from my contact and use those as a starting point, along with the name of the ministry. Highlighted are words I chose to carry into sketching.
I started exploring different approaches to the logo. Bottom left and bottom right showed the most promise.
Final concept.
A microphone stemming from the Bible, the spine of which helps form the "C" of Christ.

Concept one.
Client commented that it was difficult to understand that the "platform" was a Bible. Requested a revision.

Concept two.
Client expressed concern about the flipped cross and busyness of the symbol. Requested a revision.

Concept three: final.