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    website design for a glossy magazine "One magazine"
 a male intellectual magazine about life in Kyrgyzstan and abroad, be it business, science or a movie. You'll see their friends, partners, competitors, and those you do not know, but would like to know.
Journal of Politics - outside of politics, businessmen - out of business, the source - without gossip, flattery and scandal. This is the source of a mature, self-sufficient man who knows what he wants, has won a place in the sun, and therefore - no need to moralizing.
The magazine raises serious topics with humor. This is not the only topic that immediately attracts attention with its bizarre, but also everyday life: sometimes it's good to look at familiar things differently. Is talking about the other people that are interested in your experiences and the current view. Our themes - business, sport, fashion, politics and society, literature, film, music and the people who do all this.
in reality