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Drive, lights and rock 'n' roll. Lamp and combustible good mood!

Rocknrolla Luminous - a cone-shapedfloor lamp-stand, on top of a hand depicting the character "Rock-in".
Scopeof home interiors, to public venues. It effectively wouldlook like in the clubs, and on the open park areas, and in shop windows willeffectively attract buyers for its originality.

Different versions: a large floorlamp, lamp medium-sized or small desk lamp. Given theproduction technology can easily vary the color gamut lamps.

Inside the lamp may be locatedbattery that will use the lamp in locations where mains is not available.
Given that Rocknrolla - it is anobject simulating, to some extent - a hand, you can easily beat this concept byadding different accessories. It will deliver new functionality to the subject. For mounting accessories on top of the lamp, there are specialopenings (although it is possible and without them, given the cone-shaped).

Inturn, I had three such an accessory (although in fact they may be more, we justhave to give vent to imagination), play up the concept:

- "Watch" - given the sizeof the object big-hand, they will serve as a regular clock, bringing to life akind of surrealism.

- "Leather belt with studs,curved upward. Putting on this enhancement, we convertour object in the hanger.

- "Bracelets" - a slighthobble with pockets of tissue (or other material). So ourobject has become a holder of magazines, chargers, earrings or anything elsethat so randomly lying around the apartment.