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    PAINT CLUB Battle Tour 2010 in Vienna
PAINT CLUB Battle Tour - Vienna
Vienna, 17th September

It's already halftime for the Battle Tour!

The PAINT CLUB is the opening show for the 10th Bike Film Festival.
As every third Friday around 500 cyclists met at the Schwarzenbergplatz for the Critical Mass. The goal this time was the Strandbar Herrmann  

There the Battle took place! The cyclists arrived on time and the two teams from Vienna could start straight away as the topic for today was obviously "my bike".

Both teams Boiwood, who is Boicut and Ollewood,  and Brandstifter loved this topic.

The judging was tough this time as the crowd vote went to Boiwood and Nicholas the curator of the Inoperable gallery  gave his voice to the Boiwood crew as well. But the remaining three judges from the Bike Film Festival voted all three for the Brandstifter crew so at the end they won 3:2 and took home the prizes.

More impressions at http://www.the-paint-club.com/gallery-battle-tour and as well you can see our video's at http://www.the-paint-club.com/videos
Photos by Thomas Schlorke