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Don't go away without us - albelli campaign

albelli Don't go away without us campaign

albelli helps you prepare for an adventure. From photography tips for weekends away to travel checklists and destination inspiration. Our team of employees and influencers inspired our customers with relatable content that saw them through every step of the holiday journey. From the planning stages to being there, to coming back and turning their moments into something beautiful.

Art Direction and design Alexandra Antunes
Where to go, what to photograph and how do it. We’ve got it all covered.
Hero image for campaign
video created for social channels and landing page with influencers tips on photography 
This campaign was divided into 3 stages, starting with an inspirational visual/hero image and message used to introduced the campaign on the homepage and social channels.

For the second stage, a more commercial focus was introduced on the homepage banners, pushing the product by using images that inspire the customer. The decision to not show a pack shot but instead the icon related to the product in question conveys the idea of converting your adventures into a future (albelli) product
On the third stage, we introduced visuals promoting the product directly, showcasing and inspiring photos of holidays - inside the products - to entice the customer to buy. 

The visual concept was to maintain an element such as in the first image - copy interlaced with the image; 2nd stage the icons weaved in the image - adding a line surrounding the main products.
Photo compositions used on different channels to promote and introduce the influencers 
travel inspiration content created for social media channels - both infographics where adapted for each channel in order to better visualisation, or to have share smaller snippets.
Don't go away without us - albelli campaign

Don't go away without us - albelli campaign

Inspirational and commercial focused campaign created for albelli