I was asked by an old Art Director friend of mine Jon Owens to create a piece for a charity art exhibition called 20/20 vision. Jon has a degenerative eye disease, which is gradually reducing his central vision, Jon is a fighter and wants to make people aware of this disease.
The event is supporting the Fred Hollows Foundation and their vision of ending avoidable blindness.
The Fred Hollows Foundation is an independent, non-profit, secular organisation that has worked in over 40 countries around the world and with Indigenous communities in remote parts of Australia.
The Exhibition will be held at Hemadeshemade gallery on Oxford Street in Sydney.
Launch night: Wednesday 15th May 2013 6pm.
The piece itself  is based on Luke 11.34 "Your eye is the lamp of your body" Well this is my modern spin on the scripture, "Eyes, Lamps to the Soul" I believe that when your eyes are good, your whole body and soul is full of light, But when they are bad, your body and soul are also full of darkness. 
Everyone has the right to see.
Thank you for reading