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    A redesign of the Naked Juice bottle to help them stand out on the shelves and communicate more clearly the simple goodness within.
Naked Juice Smoothies were responsible for a good 70% of all vitamins and minerals I consumed during college. For my continued health, I decided I owed them a debt—and determined to repay it by redesigning their packaging.
Too often had I stood staring at the Inscrutable Wall of Juice™ at the supermarket, stymied by packaging that screamed in loud colors and garish illustrations the benefits of certain arrays of nutrients and non-GMO fruit purées. Odwalla, Naked, Bolthouse Farms—they all obscured the wholesome juice inside the bottle with packaging that looked the same and made it difficult to pick out my favorite flavor/nutrient combo.
So I did away with the extra stuff and took the packaging back to basics, which just happens to be Naked's whole deal in the first place. Just simple, juicy goodness.
There's also a slight wink of humor in the redesigned logoform, if you enjoy stale visual puns as much as you enjoy fresh and tasty smoothies.