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    Refreshed cross-platform brand campaign for the Orlando Ballet.
More than Dance
Orlando Ballet

[  Creative Direction // Design // Copywriting  ]
Preconceived Notions - More than dance - Orlando Ballet
Traditional Stereotypes - More than dance - Orlando Ballet
The Mold - More than dance - Orlando Ballet
Redesigned homepage with the first carousel image showcasing the refreshed branding. The entire site was designed to feel light and airy (traits of the dancing itself) while improving the user experience through simplified design.
The following four screengrabs are shown at actual size.
The homepage features a second carousel, (this one being slightly more interactive). Here, the user has the ability to horizontally scroll through the timeline to view different content, including more about the organization, the Artistic Director's bio, and more.
The right arrow serves as another (slightly more obvious) method of navigating through the timeline content. All elements used in this way have varying states of interactivity (for ex. the arrow/circle changes it's tint upon hover).
Another homepage grab, showcasing different carousel content being displayed.
The next two screengrabs are at actual size.
The following two screengrabs are at actual size.
The Dancers page features another method of navigating through multiple pages of dancer bio's. Each silhouette functions as a click-through to a different page featuring a different set of dancers.
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Brand-booklet Interiors
With new identity package