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as part of my international art and travel patreon project, i recently finished an image based on the spanish painter goya and the ancient psychological themes present in his work... specifically, in his 'black paintings'.

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the working title was 'ouch-hands'... it's changed since i started... see below for the new and improved (?) title :)
a reproduction of goya's etching of himself in the 'goya' metro station in madrid, spain
the prado in madrid, spain - under renovation, with velazquez sitting as a dark sentry
... another entrance to the prado...
... the entrance you can actually enter... not under renovation...
goya • 'saturn devouring his son' - a mythic theme goya dealt with near the end of his life as he lost his physical health, had lost his hearing, and lived in the 'quinto del sordo' (image from the prado - here)
goya • 'witches' sabbath' / 'the great he-goat' - after the horrors goya saw during his life and what he saw of peoples' irrational reactions to horrific events, it seems like he lost faith in humanity's ability to think rationally and without resorting to superstition (image from the prado - here)
brain dump after the visit to the prado to see goya's work, first-hand... looking for icons and ideas
picked some ideas, started running with them by laying down some lead...
this is what happened... running with ideas is like running with scissors, sometimes... accidents happen... 
goya's goat, 9.oo" • 12.oo" (22.9cm • 30.5cm),, Matthew G. Lewis, 2018
details of the disaster
it's like watching a train-wreck in slo-motion :)
talkin' about goya and his use of ancient, psychological themes...
here's the idea behind this project... any and all support is appreciated... there are many places i'd like to visit for inspiration for creating more images... link to patreon here