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    A solo concept based cafe made from some contextual research.
The Circle Square cafe is a unique concept brought upon by a research heavy class. This project took quite abit of analysis, it required us to step out of the bubble as student designers.
Window transparent vinyl application.
Cafe Concept
The idea was simple, a cafe that made a very clear distinction between two personalities. The circle, which i embued with the idea of being artistic, flexible and fun; and the square, being rigid and structured. The idea was to make the customer pick, aligning them to either shape.
Square drinks featuring generic type coffees, and the circle menu channeling randomness and fun.
First we picked a location, I picked west 32nd, as I liked the vibe and culture of the neighbourhood. 
I explored the neighbourhood taking pictures, interviewing residents and talking to store owners as part of my research. In short, the area was, colorful, rustic and out-of-the-ordinary.
West 32nd - Once an area highly populated by Italians that lived in Denver. But after a flood, a hip, young street with charming little boutiques.
We did multiple cafe interviews with people that indulged in both Indie and Chain cafes. We really wanted to find out what made a cafe tick.
Then I developed some personas. Based on the locational context and interviews I did at cafes. These served to really guide my process for the cafe later on.
My favourite part was probably creating these little diagrams based on our persona development. It gave us a perspective to look from. I decided that my patrons would need a place that:
Provided a unique experience
Is a place they can come to regularly to work.
Has a affordable menu
We did service blueprints, What occurs when a customer walks in. The experience from start to finish. We used this to create our final collateral pieces. These were my menu, sleeves, vinyl application, promotional poster and facebook application.