The Advantages Of Semi-Frameless Shower Screens
If you have been thinking about doing your bathroom over, you may have considered semi-frameless shower screens. Those who are not really familiar with these may not have any idea why this is a good choice. Here are a few advantages to making this a part of your renovation project.

A Contemporary Look

Those who have bathroom ideas that involve smooth, clean lines will greatly benefit from something like this. While older bathroom fixtures are large and overbearing, this is a sleek style that can make any bathroom look newer. If your goal is to update things and make them appear ultra modern, this would definitely be a great addition.


The problem with many showers is the fact that hidden crevices and corners are really hard to reach. As a result, they collect a large amount of dirt, they are exposed to humid conditions and there is a chance that mold can form. Many people loathe the idea of trying to keep these hygienic and tidy. Buying this kind of item will increase the chances of your space being left spotless every time you tidy up.

Fitting The Room

When you pick some shower types they can clash with everything else you have going on in the room. For instance, if you have one of the older sliding doors and the bathroom of your dreams has pedestal sinks with golden fixtures, the shower would be really out of place.

A semi-frameless door is versatile and can fit the look of most rooms, regardless of how conventional of fancy it looks at the time.

The Cost

If you decide to go for an option that does not have any kid of frame, they tend to cost a bit more. Since they offer something that is a bit more elegant, you can expect to pay a premium. Since this one is partially framed, it does not have the high-end feel you would imagine with the other. As a result, the cost is a little more affordable.

There is nothing better than making changes to your home and having it look and feel exactly how you like. If you are in the market for a shower door, you should definitely consider getting one that is semi-frameless. As you can tell, this is a purchase that has a lot of great benefits. It would be a shame for you not to take advantage of that.