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    february 2013 designs :3
I´m quite glad on how this design turned out, pretty close to what I had imagined (more often than not that´s not how it goes) I drew first on paper with color pencils as a sketch, and then retraced it with my wacom and painted it in photoshop. I think I like the manual/digital process. The idea as the title says was building an afro made of crazy thoughts. It´s a nice character mash-up of various sketches I have done in my notebooks... and of course there´s a pun with the word aphrodisiac, cos girls with groovy ideas are sexy :3
This next one I did specifically for a monster contest on threadless, and the Idea was to have a benevolent monster made of lost socks that feeds on your bad dreams. I wanted to play with an internal source light (the lamp) and I think it turned out allright.