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It was my good friend Jack Lowe who introduced me to Instagram early last year.
I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. In fact, it soon became clear that the real surprise was actually how much I was enjoying using my iPhone to take pictures.
It’d never really occurred to me before to use a phone camera, having always considered my ‘professional’ camera equipment to be the only choice. I was finding myself photographing simple scenes, things that I would have ordinarily passed by, making simple observations. It became liberating.
The spontaneous and portable nature of the iPhone, plus the availability of some neat image processing apps, makes it a powerful and fun tool, capable of some surprisingly good results.
For those that like to know, I pass all my iPhone pictures through an app called Snapseed before uploading.
You can find further examples on my Instagram feed, here.
More recently my first photo book was also published, called #IPHONEONLY. It is a book of landscape photographs, made entirely on a camera phone.

Foreword by Wayne Ford.
ISBN: 978-0-9929111
Softback 72 pages, A5 (210x148mm)
60 colour photographs.
Published in May 2014 and printed in the United Kingdom, using a waterless lithographic print process. The waterless lithographic print process was specifically chosen for its ability to reproduce extremely fine detail, with the resulting piece beautifully echoing the mood of the original work, both in colour and depth.
The price is £15.00 plus shipping.
The book is available here.

And here are some larger versions..


A collection of photographs, mainly landscapes, made on an iPhone