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    Ambiance sound design real time
This weekend i had this idea, create a project in Ableton live that allow me to manipulate in real time any source that has being capture by one or more microphones, so i place two microphones in X,Y position, capturing the street of my studio and try to create something, everything is created in real time, the sound is being capture by my X,Y microphones and then manipulated in Ableton live thru a series of Fx racks, there´s no pre loops or post edition.
In the picture you can see how Ableton live is configured.
I use one audio track that receives the signal and then send to different return tracks each one with a series of Fx racks created only with Ableton plug ins, this return tracks can also send signla to each other to obtain different textures and tones.
in this blog you have some surround samples of other streets, recorded by me and my co worker Luis Henrique  free for download.