Meron: Home of Coffee is a place where coffee embodies a new vision over things. Meron intends to raise up a community with high standards in the field of coffee, adding a new flavor and taste to the urban scenario.
"We are Meron, and we want to give you the boost for a great and amazing day: alluring flavors, delightful company and a quick reminder that life is about NOW, about this MOMENT."
Meron was founded in Cluj-Napoca in 2015 and had a quick expansion across Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest, with a total of 5 locations in Romania. Their name has Greek roots and it means "day", therefore Meron wants to shape their customers' day, providing them the absolute equilibrium and taste to build on.
The design and prototyping processes were fun and easygoing. Coffee brings good people together - people of Meron. The model will be printed on 30,000 pieces per location (a total of 150,000 paper cups) in December 2018.
Client quote: Looks good, I like it!
Timestamp: October 2018