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Exploring India through its festivals
In Weight lifting competition at Kila Raipur Sports Festival, the participants are asked to lift heavy tyres in order to prove their strength.
A Nihang performer shows his martial art skills in Kila Raipur
Decorations at Bodh Gaya during Losar festival
A lady celebrates holi at Shantiniketan
Little participant at Gudi Padwa
People flying Kites at Makar Sankranti
Performer from Gudi Padwa procession
Founder of Charlie Chaplin festival dressed up as comedy legend to celebrate his birthday
A participant of mustachio competition at Jaisalmer Desert Festival
A participant from Charlie Chaplin Festival stares into the camera
Folk performers from Gujarat at Jaisalmer desert festival
Women seeking blessings from Lord Jyotiba in Kolhapur
Fire worshippers in Bikaner
A devotee runs across fire to pay respect to Jas Nath Ji Maharaj
Devotees randomly start throwing chunks of fire at people standing around
Rally at Lord Jyotiba Temple during Annual Jatra
Visitors at Shantiniketan Holi
Siddi Community from the African community living in India wearing their traditional attire
A Siddi dancer showing their dance moves
Performers at Annual Kochi Carnival
Performers face off during annual Kocchi Carnival
Fireworks during Makar Sankranti at Ahmedabad
Celebrations in Ahmedabad during Makar Sankranti. This is an annual tradition seen best in cities like Ahmedabad and Vadodara
Welcoming new year in Kocchi
Kalari artists perform on the eve of New Year in Kocchi
Exploring India through its festivals

Exploring India through its festivals

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